BreakThrough Booster Box Opening

Breakthrough Booster Box Feature

BreakThrough Booster Box Opening This is very late but I decided I would still post my BreakThrough Booster Box opening from a few months ago. I wont talk to much about it but I did get a good variety of ultra rares in here. Check them out!     Don’t forget that you can now track and value your collections at our newest website addition 12,608 total views, 1 views today

12,608 total views, 1 views today

Sceptile Ex Tin

Sceptile Ex Tin

Sceptile Ex Tin I had purchased this tin several weeks ago but have been unable to make the time to write this up until now, this trio of tins is too great to leave behind! You can see the Blaziken Ex Tin article here and hopefully will be seeing the Swampert Ex Tin article very shortly. I have been keeping these tin write-ups short and sweet, because I know what everyone really wants to see is the pulls. Sceptile Ex Tin Promo Card Pokemon Ex promo cards from tins are very hit or miss in terms of usability. We have gotten several …

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