Blaziken Ex Tin

Blaziken Ex Tin

Blaziken Ex Tin

Blaziken Ex Tin

I love collecting tins for a multitude of reasons. You get 4 mixed booster packs which is always fun, you get a sweet easy to obtain Ex card and the tins themselves are great! I have 20 or so tins currently that I have slowly been making into an awesome display wall!

The Blaziken Ex tin is one that I have wanted to pick up for a few weeks and when I saw all three at my local store I jumped on the chance to grab them.

Blaziken Ex Tin Promo Card

Blaziken Ex Tin Promo

Blaziken Ex Tin Promo

The Blaziken Ex you get from this Baziken Ex Tin is a great representation of the Pokemon. The artwork is top notch with Blaziken in its kicking motion coming through the card. On top of that, most fire Ex cards look awesome because of the fire effects at the bottom of the image and the card itself.

Blaziken Ex is a pretty standard Ex card with 170 hitpoints. Both of its attacks are actually quite balanced for a promo Ex. The first, Fist of Focus, requires two energy and only hits for 30 but allows you to attach an energy from your discard. Notice that it can be any energy since it does not say “basic energy”. A fine attack for what it is and you will probably only need to use it once as the next move will most likely be ready on your next turn.

Flare Storm, the second attack, is a little more interesting in terms of damage. It does require a hefty 4 energy but has a base damage of 100. For each fire energy attached to Blaziken you get to flip a coin and each head adds 20 more damage. So on average, if all 4 energy were fire energy, you would be hitting for 140 damage. This is okay for a 4 energy attack but most likely won’t be considered a competitive card at all.


The Packs

Blaziken Ex Tin

Blaziken Ex Tin


In this Blaziken Ex Tin you get four packs of cards. 2 of the newest Roaring Skies, 1 Primal Clash and 1 Phantom Forces, all good sets in my opinion. Overall the pulls were mediocre but I did end up with a Jamming Net Team Flare Hyper Gear and Medicham which is currently one of my favorite decks to run. You can see the 4 packs for your self in the gallery below!



Thoughts and opinions on this Blaziken Ex Tin and the various packs?

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