BreakThrough Booster Box Opening

Breakthrough Booster Box

BreakThrough Booster Box Opening

This is very late but I decided I would still post my BreakThrough Booster Box opening from a few months ago. I wont talk to much about it but I did get a good variety of ultra rares in here. Check them out!



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  1. Ro&17nc#82ki; post, Tyler, as always! You’re really making me analyze some of my projects.Yes, it makes me eager to jump out of bed. Big? I’d like to think so. Here’s hoping! The support staff is growing slowly but surely. Funny you mention the code language . . . there seems to be a bit of that developing, as well! And I believe it’s simple and easy to explain.Now about that unadvertised bonus: I may need some work there. Anything along those lines that you notice already on my end? If not, any ideas?Thanks once again, Tyler!

  2. Cool! I like how you pulled 3 Mewtwo-EX/M Mewtwo-EX in that box :)

    I was particularly jealous of the Empoleon, Haxorus, and Burning Energy!

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