BreakThrough Booster Box Opening

Breakthrough Booster Box Feature

BreakThrough Booster Box Opening This is very late but I decided I would still post my BreakThrough Booster Box opening from a few months ago. I wont talk to much about it but I did get a good variety of ultra rares in here. Check them out!     Don’t forget that you can now track and value your collections at our newest website addition 12,613 total views, 6 views today

12,613 total views, 6 views today

Pikachu Make Believe Promo Box


Pikachu Make Believe Promo Box Rarely do I purchase Japanese cards specifically as I prefer English cards for a few reasons (including that I can actually read them). I decided to change that up after seeing this awesome Pikachu collection that was being released as a promotion for a Pokemon Center store opening. I cared most about the two Pikachu cards but the collection as a whole was well put together and worth the money!     The box, pictured on the right, is relatively well constructed and really fits with the Magikarp and Gyarados Pikachu theme. I always enjoy …

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Roaring Skies Booster Box Opening

Roaring Skies Booster Box Opening

Roaring Skies Booster Box Opening   I purchased a booster box today on the release date (May 6) of Roaring Skies and decided to do a little write up on my Roaring Skies booster box opening. Most of this will just be pictures but I will provide a running commentary on things that are interesting in this set and about cards that I pulled. First things first, the pack art is pretty awesome. It features some prominent cards from this Roaring Skies set such as Mega Rayquaza, Mega Latios, Deoxys and Mega Gallade.   The Packs (All 36) Right away get one …

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Pokecrate Is Bad

Why Pokecrate Is Bad

Pokecrate Is Bad You may be thinking that something with the title “Pokecrate Is Bad” is going to be contrived and unproductive but hear me out, I have lots of good points. Pokecrate is bad for a number of reasons including the actual crate, the company and how they deal with its customers. I will go through each of these points with various anecdotes and testimonies to outline what I am saying. The Crate This is definitely the easiest one to discuss and is very opinionated.  Pokecrate is an American based company making me an international customer here in Canada. …

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Lysandre’s Last Resort – Phantom Forces


Lysandre’s Last Resort As you can see since this set has not yet been released in English we only have Japanese scans of the cards. Luckily we have a great translation of the card here thanks to Pokebeach. Name: Lysandre’s Last Resort Card Type: Supporter Trainer Card Description: Both players shuffle all cards from their discard pile back into their deck (excluding any Lysandre’s Last Resort)   The Card Despite being a Japanese version of the card we can still debate about its appearance as the picture will be the same in the English version. Lysandre is a powerful, fiery looking guy …

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Pkmn Cards Online – Quick Store Update

Just going to provide a quick update on the current status of the store. Sales have been progressing nicely especially on the 50 card packs I have been offering. We are striving to fill a void in the Canadian pokemon card collecting world as well as providing competition to the many U.S and international based companies. The main thing that sets us apart, especially for Canadian pokemon card collecting is the price of shipping. We make an effort to keep the shipping costs as low as possible which results in really low prices! We are working on updating our stock …

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