Ancient Origins Booster Box Opening


Ancient Origins Booster Box Opening Of course I picked one of these up! I love getting booster boxes because of their consistency and the ability to really grab almost all of or all of the commons, uncommons and rare cards (and duplicates) for collections and deck building. The new set Ancient origins was no exception boasting some really cool cards, new mechanics and very powerful items and stadiums. As usual I have documented all my openings through pictures which are in a nice gallery below. Like the Flashfire opening, this Ancient Origins booster box opening will not have discussion of …

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Blaziken Ex Tin

Blaziken Ex Tin Featured

Blaziken Ex Tin I love collecting tins for a multitude of reasons. You get 4 mixed booster packs which is always fun, you get a sweet easy to obtain Ex card and the tins themselves are great! I have 20 or so tins currently that I have slowly been making into an awesome display wall! The Blaziken Ex tin is one that I have wanted to pick up for a few weeks and when I saw all three at my local store I jumped on the chance to grab them. Blaziken Ex Tin Promo Card The Blaziken Ex you get …

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