Charizard Pokemon Card Base Set


We all know him, the glistening fire blast in that glorious original card. Whether you loved him or thought him overrated, everyone wanted this card when Pokemon first came out. When I was younger I was lucky enough to pull one of these out of a booster pack. Nothing beats the feeling of pulling that card. Unfortunately it was lost to the ages with my other cards but all that did was fuel my desire to get this card when I started collecting again. It was the first card I actually sought out and went to buy. I paid a …

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Starting My Collection – Pokemon Cards

Several hundred Pokemon cards

A while back I decided to reinvigorate my love of Pokemon Card collecting. I had quite a set when I was younger but those cards were all lost to time. I did some research on the current status of pokemon cards. I reviewed all the new sets since I last collected which turned about to be quite a few. I had stopped my childhood collection around the time the neo sets came out so I had a lot of catching up to do. I reviewed pricing of cards to see what the best place to start was and decided that …

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