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I have decided to share some of my experiences and gained knowledge in the form of Ebooks. All of the Ebooks offered here will be Pokemon Ebooks in some way, shape or form.


Pokemon Collectors Guide #1 – Base Set

Pokemon Collectors Guide #1 - Base Set Pokemon Ebook

Pokemon Collectors Guide #1 – Base Set Pokemon Ebook

This is my first ebook published about Pokemon Collecting. I went with the logical choice and started with my favourite set, Base Set.

This Pokemon Ebook details the many different forms of the Base Set, what to look for in its cards, the prices of each card and its forms as well as detailed information on the cards and where to get them. This is an excellent tool for both buying and selling Pokemon cards from the Base Set.

This ebook is just priced at $2.99 US and is packed full of useful collecting information. Click here for in-store details!

This ebook will be free from Jul 21 2014 to Jul 25 2014 as a friendly promotion. Mark the date and get it while you can!


Pokemon Collectors Guide #2 – Jungle Set

Just like the first iteration this book covers the entirety of the Jungle Set and how to collect, buy and sell these cards. Packed full of information from booster boxes and packs to single cards in first edition and unlimited.

Check it out here!

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